Sagging Cheeks – Is There A Non-Surgical Solution?

Sagging cheeks making you feel self-conscious? Have you noticed an increase in wrinkles and droopy skin on your face? When you feel confident in your appearance it can make a huge difference to your life, but sagging cheeks are a common complaint that can make you look older and feel less youthful. 

As you age, it’s not uncommon for your self-esteem to be affected by the changes you see in the mirror. Sagging cheeks, loose skin and jowls can be a really frustrating sign of ageing that adds years to your face and makes you look older, hallowed or even haggard. 

If you’re affected by sagging cheeks the skin around your jaw and cheeks may appear to droop and have little to no tone. Your skin may also feel as if it’s thin and loose. 

You’re not alone. Sagging cheeks is a sign of ageing that many people experience, but there are steps you can take to help. The first step is to understand the common causes.

What Causes Sagging Cheeks?

  • Reduced collagen 

Elastin and collagen play an important role in keeping your skin looking smooth and youthful. When you lose collagen due to ageing, your cheeks can be most noticeably affected.

Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in the makeup of your skin, providing the stretchiness that skin requires for everyday life. So, with less collagen present, your skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity and can start to sag, appearing to “pull” your face down. 

  • Fat pads slip and droop 

Over time, your skin structure can change. Beneath the top layer of skin on your face, there are fat pads (buccal fat pads) that naturally give your face the appearance of plumpness. 

These pads support your skin from beneath, but as you age these pads can slip lower, causing the skin around your cheeks and mouth to droop and become sunken. While this is a totally normal part of the ageing process, it is difficult to hide the appearance of this drooping without professional treatments.

  • Changes in bone density 

A recent study showed that as we age, our bone density also diminishes. This means the edges of bone – particularly around the eye sockets, jaw, and nose – begin to recede or thin. Because of this, your skin loses the support of the bone in these areas, causing sagging cheeks and loose skin. 

Solutions For Sagging Cheeks 

When it comes to solutions for sagging cheeks, there are a number of options both surgical and non-surgical. 

Surgical Facelift – this is of course an extreme solution with the longest recovery and downtime. While it effectively lifts your facial tissues to reduce sagging, it can produce a noticeably ‘worked on’ appearance that some people may not want. 

With any surgery comes risks, and a facelift is no different. As incisions are used to cut away excess skin, there is always a risk of infection and scarring. For this reason, plastic surgery is often seen as a last resort.

Exercises – Facial exercises have become increasingly popular online. The facial exercises suggested include rolling your tongue around the inside of your mouth for a few minutes or lifting your tongue to repeatedly suck in your cheeks.

As you might have guessed, these exercises are not very effective, although they are free and easy to try at home.

Non-Surgical Solutions

While exercises for your face won’t get you the results you really want, there are other non-surgical treatments that can help you.

Thread lift

A thread lift – also known as the lunchtime facelift – is an effective option for anyone looking for an immediate and long-term reduction of sagging skin on the face. 

This non-surgical facelift treatment works by inserting temporary, safe threads through the skin to add support, gently pulling back the jowl and cheek areas. You won’t be able to see the threads in your face, but your skin will be clearly lifted and your facial silhouette made more youthful. 

Read more about our Silhouette Soft and PDO thread lift treatments here. 

Sagging cheeks - Is There A Non-Surgical Solution?

Morpheus 8

This innovative treatment provides tightening and contouring to otherwise saggy cheeks or visible wrinkles. Our Morpheus8 treatment combines micro-needling with radiofrequency to give you a viable alternative to surgery. 

In this treatment, tiny needles deliver safe radiofrequency energy deep into the skin. The effect stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, tightening and toning simultaneously. 

You’ll see results after a few days as your underlying dermis naturally repairs and renews itself following the treatment, giving your skin a plump and lifted appearance. 

Learn more about Morpheus8 here. 

Sagging cheeks - Is There A Non-Surgical Solution?


This award-winning, clinically proven treatment is highly effective in contouring around areas of loose skin and sagging cheeks. The Exilis Ultra is our FDA-approved device that stimulates collagen remodelling in the body.

This treatment utilises controlled deep heat, delivering it directly into the tissue. Your skin responds by producing new collagen, leading to a tightening effect. 

With downtime, no pain and no needles, the Exilis Ultra is an excellent choice for anyone looking for long-term results with noticeably smooth skin. 

Learn more about this treatment here. 

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