O Shot – What Is It & How Does It Work?

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) affects 28% of premenopausal women in the UK, so why is it still such a taboo subject? You deserve to enjoy your body, no matter your age, which is where the O Shot comes in.

Sexual dysfunction can take many forms and becomes more likely when you reach menopause. But that shouldn’t mean you miss out on the sensations and experiences you’ve always enjoyed. 

Non-surgical and clinically tested treatments like The O Shot are the solution many women need, though they may feel too embarrassed to get the help they deserve. But this specially developed procedure reduces – and sometimes even eradicates – the symptoms of FSAD or other sexual dysfunctions. It’s worth finding out more…

What Is The O Shot?

The O Shot is a simple procedure. A qualified clinician will take a small amount of your blood which is then injected back into your vaginal area. This treatment has proven effective in reducing the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction can be a difficult topic for women, no matter your age. In fact, many women don’t even realise that they’re dealing with a treatable condition. Sexual dysfunction can take many forms, but its most commonly connected with pre-menopause and menopause. 

Because of this, you may think you simply need to carry on living with the vaginal and sexual problems you’re having. That’s not true!

This treatment is a revolutionary clinical procedure carried out by professionals using a specialist device. And it can give you back your sex drive, increase pleasure and improve sensation.

Who Can Get The O Shot Treatment?

Have you noticed a decrease in your normal libido levels? Are you struggling with reduced sensations in and around the vagina? Do you have vaginal dryness or find sex painful, but you’re unsure what to do about it?

The O Shot is an effective, painless treatment that helps women who struggle with vaginal issues. But the physical symptoms aren’t the only things to consider. Your mood or confidence can suffer due to feelings of embarrassment, discomfort and frustration.

And sadly, it’s common for women to feel isolated when it comes to treating FSAD. However, there are options out there to give you back your self-confidence. The O Shot (otherwise known as the Orgasm Shot) is a surgery-free way to take control.

How The O Shot Works

The purpose of the O Shot is to rejuvenate your vaginal tissue to increase sexual pleasure and regain sensation in your most sensitive areas. To achieve this, the 45-minute procedure uses your blood to stimulate blood flow and encourage healthier tissue growth. The procedure is just as simple as it sounds.

A clinician like Dr Sobia will take a small amount of your blood and prepare it for injection. You’ll receive topical painkillers to avoid discomfort, and your blood is carefully injected. Target areas can include the opening of your vagina, labia, clitoris and your vaginal walls. 

When your body recognises your blood, it triggers natural rejuvenation over time, deep within your vaginal tissues.

What About Recovery Time?

The recovery time with the O Shot treatment is incredible, setting it apart from other more invasive or surgical options for FSAD treatment. While you may notice some swelling or redness in the injection site, the discomfort is minimal and won’t prevent you from continuing your daily life.

There are no restrictions to your activity after your treatment, so you can return to your normal day.

Your clinician will recommend a specific treatment regime depending on your condition and desired outcome, but you’ll likely need 1-3 sessions to see the full effect. To maintain your results or treat new symptoms of sexual dysfunction, you can return for top-up sessions.

How Much Does It Cost?

The O Shot has increased in popularity in recent times as women’s sexual dysfunction issues have gradually seen more recognition and research. If you’re considering this treatment, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. 

Each treatment costs around £1200, depending on the clinic you choose and how many sessions you require to achieve your best results. In the 3 months following your final session, you’ll notice positive changes in your body. And the good news is that your results will last between 12-18 months!

Benefits Of The O Shot

When you choose this treatment, you’re treating a whole host of likely issues that come with Female Sexual Dysfunction Disorder. Overall, you’ll experience an improvement in sexual pleasure from physical stimulation of all kinds.

You’re likely to feel an increase in sexual desire. This is because the tissues in your vagina have essentially been regrown – replaced by newer and healthier cells.

Because of the increased blood flow to the area, you’ll also notice increased vaginal sensitivity, where you may have previously had numbness or reduced feeling. It’s also normal to experience increased vaginal lubrication, which can be a benefit to your vaginal health in general. 

Lastly – the reason it’s called the O Shot – you will find it easier to achieve an orgasm, thanks to the increase in sensitivity in and around your vagina. 

Ready For A Fresh Start For Your Sex Life?

If you’ve noticed a decline in your vaginal sensitivity, if your libido has taken a hit, and if orgasms have become more difficult, you’re probably ready to try a non-surgical, safe and effective treatment. The O Shot can return your self-confidence in and out of the bedroom. 

Whatever your FSAD symptoms, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Visit our information page to find out if the O Shot is right for you.

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