Mole, Tag, Wart & Blemish removal

At Dr Sobia Medispa we provide a range of treatments for unwanted lesions (moles, tags, cysts, warts etc) and skin blemishes (birth mark, freckles etc). Lesions and blemishes can often become irritating or uncomfortable or even get in the way of shaving, jewellery or clothing.
Mole, Tag, Wart, Cyst Removal
Mole, Tag, Wart, Cyst Removal

Benign Skin Lesion & Blemish Removal

We can safely remove unwanted benign skin lesions such as moles, warts, cysts and skin tags through a number of treatments. We can also remove any skin blemishes such as marks, spots, discolouration, or imperfection that emerges on the skin.

This is usually a comfortable and simple procedure, and we have a number of different treatments that can help.

How Are Lesions & Blemishes Removed?

We use a number of methods to remove skin lesions and blemishes. This will depend on whether it is safe to remove the lesion or blemish, type, size, location and whether a histology is required. We can cut, snip, shave freeze or laser lesions and blemishes. Our doctor will perform the procedure. Complex or malignant skins lesion and blemishes will be referred to your GP or dermatologist.

Skin Lesions


What Happens During the Treatment?

Following a full assessment and consultation, the area will be numbed, where required to ensure, a painless and comfortable experience. The medical practitioner will ensure that you are completely comfortable whilst performing the procedure and may take a biopsy for histology. A dressing will be applied if required. The medical practitioner will ensure that you fully understand the aftercare following the procedure. You may experience some pain after the numbing has worn off.

What are the Results?

In most cases skin lesions and blemishes will not return or re-grow. Following the procedure you will experience scarring. However any scarring should fade within the first 12 month, although it can take longer and there is always a risk of permanent scarring. We recommend that you try and keep out of the sun as this can cause inflammation that can become pigmented. You will be given full aftercare instructions to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

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Mole Removal Dr Sobia Medispa
Tag Removal Dr Sobia Medispa

Skin Lesion & Blemish FAQs

Any region of your skin that differs abnormally from the skin around it is called a skin lesion. Skin lesions are common and frequently the result of harm to your skin, but some of them have the potential to develop into cancer. Examples of skin lesions include moles, warts, cysts, skin tags, cherry angiomas, birthmarks, freckles and acne.

Any mark, spot, discolouration, or imperfection that emerges on the skin is referred to as a blemish. Examples of blemishes include acne, papules, nodules, age spots, in growing hairs, and melasma.

There are a number of procedures avaialable to remove skin lesions and blemishes. This includes, cutting, shaving, snipping freezing and laser. The method used by the medical practitioner will depend on the type, size and location of the lesion or blemish.

Skin lesions and blemishes can be removed virtually anywhere on the body. We only treat benign lesions and blemishes. Our medical practitioner will carefully assess the area to be treated. Examples include, moles, tags, warts, cysts, birth marks, acne, verrucas, warts and freckles.

This will depend on the type of skin lesion and blemish being removed and the treatment selected. Your medical practitioner will be be able to advise you during your consultation and help develop a treatment plan.

Depending on the procedure used, results are instant, although some treatments may take longer such as cryotherapy or laser. There is likely to be scarring during the healing process, which can take up to 12 months to fade. Occasionally scarring can become permanent. You will be provided aftercare to achieve the best outcome.

You will need to take pre-cautions to the treated area, but should be able to resume normal activities. 

Contact with with water, hot environments should be avoided for at least 48hrs. Sun exposure should also be avoided. Avoid picking any scabbing. Full aftercare will be provided at the procedure.

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