Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Work?

Heard of liquid rhinoplasty? Wondering how it compares to a surgical nose job? Then this blog is for you. 

Your nose is the central point of your face and the place where people’s attention is immediately drawn, so it makes sense to want to feel comfortable with your nose shape.

We think all noses are beautiful, but if you feel self-conscious, then there’s no shame in looking at ways to give your self-esteem a boost. And you’ll be glad to know that surgery isn’t your only option. You can achieve safe, long-lasting and effective results without ever going under the knife.

Here’s what liquid rhinoplasty can do for you, what it involves, and what you can expect afterwards…

What Is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty, also called the lunchtime nose job, is a procedure that uses dermal fillers to alter the shape of your nose. This type of treatment is a less invasive alternative to surgery that can still give you noticeable results that make a difference to your appearance. 

If your nose has a dorsal hump or is asymmetrical, liquid rhinoplasty could be the best non-surgical option for you. 

By using dermal fillers, we can adjust the shape of your nose, creating the look you want with no pain, downtime or risk of hating your new look!

This treatment is especially helpful if you’re looking for results you can see immediately. You could schedule this procedure during your lunch hour with one nose shape and return to work afterwards with a completely new look! 

Cosmetic nose surgery offers a more dubious outlook for your results – requiring you to wait months before your swelling goes down fully and the healing process is complete. Only then will you see what your new nose looks like, and if you’re not happy, you’re stuck with it. 

Instead, this non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure lets you see your final look unfold within hours, if not instantly.

liquid rhinoplasty

How Do Dermal Fillers Work In Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Dermal fillers are a thick substance made from hyaluronic acid (HA). This naturally occurring substance is normally found in your skin, joints and eyes. It’s primarily responsible for maintaining hydration levels. In the skin, this is what gives you a plump and hydrated appearance. 

In dermal fillers, HA is used for the same purpose, to give you a healthy-looking plumpness and fullness that doesn’t appear stiff or unnatural. 

Dermal fillers gained popularity when they were initially used to give a fuller lip, and nowadays, they are commonly used to successfully reduce lines and wrinkles, all while utilising a substance that also increases the hydration of your skin! 

With a liquid nose job, the filler is used to help with a number of issues.

Bump/Dorsal hump 

A dorsal hump often refers to a small bump or lump toward the middle or bridge of the nose. In these cases, filler can be used to inject around the bump to create a smoother, straighter appearance.

Crooked Nose

A crooked nose can be a clear asymmetry of the nose shape. Filler can be used on the opposite side to create equality in the shape and volume of your nose. 

Low Nose Bridge

If you have a low nose bridge or small dips you may want to have dermal fillers injected into the bridge of the nose to compensate and create a higher nose bridge.

Snub tip

A snub tip nose can appear flattened at its very tip. In this case, filler can be used to add volume to provide a more sculpted and full shape to the tip.

liquid rhinoplasty

The Benefits Of Liquid Rhinoplasty

With liquid rhinoplasty, you’re able to target your particular nose problem and create a natural look that’s perfect for your face and the result you have in mind. But there are many other reasons why this treatment is so popular and considered the ideal non-surgical ‘nose job’.

  • Immediate results
  • Much cheaper than a nose job
  • Can be reversed if you don’t like the change
  • Similar results to surgery 
  • Hyaluronic acid is great for overall skin appearance
  • No need for a lengthy recovery period
  • No time commitment for a long surgery or healing process
  • Results are subtle, but easily seen
  • Make adjustments to your preference at each maintenance session 
  • Pain-free aside from a possibility of some mild swelling
  • Results can last 12-18 months

So you can see how this procedure can be the better alternative to surgery, particularly if you want a long-lasting, immediate result without the commitments!

What Can’t Liquid Rhinoplasty Help With?

With all of those reasons to choose a liquid nose job, you might be wondering why anyone would choose a surgical option instead. That’s because there are a few instances where liquid rhinoplasty isn’t the best solution.

A Nose Reduction

Because this type of treatment uses fillers to add volume, it cannot be used to take away skin, tissue or cartilage.

Dramatic Remodelling

If your end goal is to achieve a totally different nose, such as wanting cartilage removed on a bulbous nose tip, then fillers sadly won’t be able to achieve this for you.

Flared Nostrils

While fillers can be used to even out the shape of the tip and sides of the nose, they cannot be used effectively to make nostrils smaller or more narrow, as this would require the removal of tissue.

In most of these cases, dermal fillers are not the right choice, But it’s important to have a consultation with a clinical professional. They can assess what your goal is, what the problem is and whether you’d be able to achieve your desired results without surgery.

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Ready For Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid Rhinoplasty is ideal if you want to tweak the shape of your nose. Even a slight change can balance your features for an overall bigger impact. If you’re struggling with your self-image because of a dorsal hump, asymmetry or other nose shape issue, this could be the most effective solution for you.

Book your initial consultation with our expert clinician at Dr Sobia Medispa to see if liquid rhinoplasty is suitable for you.

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