Buttock Lift

Our revolutionary buttock lift treatments can help add shape, volume and definition and get rid of unwanted fat cells to give you a beautiful firmer and toned posterior.

butt lift
butt lift

What is a Non-Surgical Buttock Lift?

A non-surgical buttock lift (also know as bum lift) procedure is performed for those those patients concerned with large deposits of fat, loose or sagging skin around the buttock area. The upper buttock and thigh area is prone to depositing fat, particularly in women. For many this is a huge concern which can impact people physically and psychologically. There are many factors that might contribute to this including, diet, lack of exercise or natural ageing.

Buttock Lift treatments

We offer a Lanluma to help improve the shape of the buttocks. Lanluma is an innovative injectable treatment that can help shape the buttocks and the surrounding areas resulting in shaped, sculpt and smoother buttocks. The treatment contours and and enhances the appearance of the treatment area and importantly creates volume and activates natural collagen production. Other procedures can be combined to further enhance results if required.

Lanluma Buttock Lift

Combination Procedures

Buttock Threads

Lifts loose & saggy skin and provides structure and support to give a much rounder definition.

Fat Freezing & Radiofrequency

Destroys fat and tightens skin, improving laxity and collagen.

butt lift

What Happens During the Treatment?

A full consultation will be required to ensure suitability and also agreeing a treatment plan. For Lanluma the treatment area will be steralized and a local anaesthetic used. Lanluma will then be injected into the areas around the buttocks.

What are the Results?

Results will show between 1-3 months following the treatment, as the collagen naturally develops. Results can last up to two years, where you buttocks will look sculpted, plumper and smoother. Results can be further enhanced through fat freezing and radiofrequency treatments.

Before & After

Buttock Lift
Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift FAQs

A buttock lift is a procedure which looks to improve the volume, shape and appearance of the buttocks. A bum lift can enhance the buttock shape, curves and contours whilst and providing volume and tightening sagging skin.

The following treatments are available for help achieve a more shapely posterior. The treatments can be combined to achieve the best results.

  • Lanluma – This is a collagen stimulator that plumps and fills the buttocks and help reduce indentations and cellulite, resulting in smoother and lifted buttocks. Lanluma is an injectable and also helps smooth out skin. Importantly it produces collagen in addition to providing volume.
  • Radiofrequency & Fat Freezing – These treatments can be combined with Lanluma to further shape and define the buttocks to help destroy stubborn fat and tighten skin.
  • PDO Threads – Threads can be places around the buttocks and combined with Lanluma to further support sagging skin and create a lifting affect. Threads will also improve the quality of the skin and promote collagen.

Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their buttocks due to the a number of factors. This may result is sagging skin or a loss of volume. A buttock lift can enhance the buttock shape, curves and contours whilst and providing volume and tightening sagging skin.

For Lanluma on average you will require a course of 3 treatments. This is dependent on the individual and how well they respond to the treatment.

A buttock lift can enhance the buttock form, curves and contours whilst as giving volume and tightening sagging skin.

Lanluma has very little downtime and normal activities can be resumed after a few days. There is no downtime with radiofrequency or fat freezing. If threads are combined, there will be a little bit more downtime (depending on the number of threads used). Your practitioner will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Within the first 24 hrs, apply an ice pack for 35 to 45 minutes; make sure to wrap the ice pack and avoid applying it straight to your skin. Do not apply tan or skin products for up to 24 hrs. Avoid swimming and saunas

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